The Domain de la Raimbaudière is a 22 ha familial vineyard, completely classified as AOC : Anjou, Anjou villages or Coteaux du Layon. Our family began to run this vineyard during the thirties, and today, we are the fourth generation of wine makers. Our main production are Rosés such as: the famous Cabernet d'Anjou, mellow rosé wine and the Coteaux du Layon, the great liquored white wine from Val de Loire.


Concerned by the environmental protection at the domaine de la Raimbaudière, we use the reasoned cultivation, as "enherbement" to avoid erosion, and the massive use of herbicide. The use of "phytosanitaire" product is done in a logical manner, and not automatically, this with the goal of a durable agriculture.

At the cellar, great care is taken to the development of our wines and hygiene is a master word. The research of the quality on the vineyards continues in the cuverie and cellar, with the use of ancestral techniques such as the use of barrels, with modern touches like temperature control.

Our wines are worked on different bases.

- the vintage
- Our desires
- and conversation exchanges we can have with our different clients. In order to give everyone the pleasure to drink them and share them.